Material Information of Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited

Karachi, Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock that due to revision in the scope of the project and the resultant increase in efficiency together with rise in global logistic cost and devaluation of Pak Rupee, the project cost has increased to Rs. 3.2 billion.

Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on May 27, 1964 as a public limited company and its shares are quoted on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. Principal activity of the Company is manufacturing and selling of sugar.

The Company is located approximately 230 km from the port of city of Karachi, in Mirpurkhas. It has a sugar cane crushing capacity of 12,500 tons per day.

The total numbers of shares are 13,495,041. The Earnings per share (8.58) in 2020 which was 25.04 in 2019. The Profit after Taxation is (115,841,000) in 2020 which was 307,188,000 in 2019.