Material Information of Sui Southern Gas Company

Karachi, Sui Southern Gas Company informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the company has relieved 1951 (3g5 Executives and 1566 subordinate) individuals from company’s service that were reinstated under the sacked Employees (Reinstatement) ordinance zoog / zoTo /Act 2010 with immediate effect.

Sui Southern Gas Company Limited’s main activity is transmission and distribution of natural gas in Sindh and Baluchistan. The Company is also engaged in certain activities related to the gas business including the manufacturing and sale of gas meters and construction contracts for laying of pipelines.

The total number of shares are 880,916,400. The Earnings per share is (20.88) in 2019 which was (16.86) in 2018. The Company had a loss of Rs. 18,394,768,000 in 2019 which was 14,848,208,000 in 2018.