Material Information of TPL Corporation Limited

Karachi, TPL Corporation Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange to apprise the general public that, no notice for appearance has been served to either Mr. Ali Jameel or Ms. Sabiha Sultan. The same resulted from a Private Complaint filed by Ayesha Shaikh wife of Shoaib Shaikh (Owner and CEO of Bol News) against Mr. Ali Jameel and Ms. Sabiha Sultan. The Private Complaints are filed on frivolous grounds with mala fide intent, resulting from legitimate concern through confidential lettersraised by several parents, including but not limited to Mr. Ali Jameel and Ms. Sabiha Sultan, of children studying at Karachi American School (“KAS”) for appointing Ayesha Shaikh as a Trustee of Karachi American School. The concern through letters, which were wrote in confidential capacity to KAS by the parents was a legitimate concern in order to maintain the sanctity of KAS.

TPL Corp Ltd. is the investment holding company of the TPL Group with investments across the insurance, real estate, transport, security, technology, vehicle and container tracking, navigation and mapping solutions and financial sectors.