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Transmission of Quarterly Report for the Period Ended June 30, 2021 of Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited

Karachi, Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that Quarterly Report of the Company for the period ended June 30, 2021 have been transmitted through PUCARS and is also available on Company’s website.

The Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company on July 26, 1947. The Company is engaged in providing general insurance services in spheres of Fire and property damage; Marine, aviation and transport, Motor and Miscellaneous.

The company is quoted its shares on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited with the total number of shares that are 46,401,450. The Earnings per share of the Company (0.90) in 2020 which was (0.42) in 2019. The Company had a loss of Rs. 42,279,000 in 2020 which was 19,530,000 in 2019.