Unclaimed Dividend of IGI Holdings Limited

Karachi, IGI Holdings Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the dividend declared by the Company details whereof are appearing on Company’s website www.igi.com.pk/holdings have remained unclaimed for a period of three years, from the date these have become due and payable.

IGI Holdings Limited is a Packages Group Company, was incorporated in 1953 as a public listed company. The registered office and head office of the Company is situated in Clifton, Karachi.

The objects of the Company include to act as an investment holding company and for that purpose invest, acquire, sell and hold the securities and financial instruments subject to compliance by relevant laws prevailing in Pakistan from time to time.

The total number of shares are 142,630,550. The Earnings per shares of the Company is 6.62 in 2020 which was 6.29 in 2019. Their Profit after Taxation is 944,328,000 in 2020, which was 896,729,000 in 2019.