Unusual Movement in Price or Volume of Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited

Karachi, Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that they have no means to address the issue of movement in share price of the Company. They also wish to state that they are not aware of any reasons that may have led to increase in price of the share of the Company. They assure you that the Company is fully cognizant of all applicable legal requirements with regard to dissemination of material information and if and when there will be any material information the same will be disseminated in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Securities Act,2015 and Rule Book of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.

Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited is a Pakistan-based company. The principal business of the Company is manufacturing and selling of refined sugar and by-products. The Company’s mill is located at Garho, Sindh.

The Symbol “AGSML” is being used by the stock exchange for Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited.