Unusual Movement in Price or Volume of First Imrooz Modaraba

Karachi, First Imrooz Modaraba informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that in terms of Clause 5.6.3 of PSX Regulations and Section 97, of the Securities Act, 2015, they are not aware of any of their Modaraba Certificates.

First Imrooz Modaraba (FIM) has been operational since 1994 and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The Modaraba primarily trades in industrial raw materials catering to numerous industries like paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, personal care, household, textile etc. The common perception of a Modaraba is that it is a financial institution however FIM does not offer any financial services.

First Imrooz Modaraba (FIM) is managed by AR Management Services (Pvt) Limited, having its head office in Karachi with a branch office in Lahore.

The symbol “FIMM” is being used by the stock exchange for the shares of First Imrooz Modaraba.