Withdrawal of Public Announcement of Intention of Bawany Air Products Limited

Karachi, Bawany Air Products Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that Bawany Air Products Limited has received withdrawal of Public Announcement of Intention from Fossil Energy Private Limited to acquire more than 50% voting shares of the Company beyond the threshold prescribed under section 1 1 1 of the Securities Act,2015.

Bawany Air Products Limited is a public limited Company incorporated in Pakistan on August 16, 1978. The Company is currently listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. The principal activities of the Company are production and trading of oxygen gas, dissolved acetylene and nitrogen gas. The manufacturing facilities are located at Hub Industrial Estate, Tehsil Hub in the province of Balochistan. The registered office of the Company is situated at Khasra No. 52/53 R.C.D. Highway, Mouza Pathara, Tehsil Hub, Lasbella District, Balochistan.

The symbol “BAPL” is being used by the stock exchange for Bawany Air Products Limited.