United Insurance Company of Pakistan pays 10% interim cash dividend to shareholders

Karachi, United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited has announced the payment of interim cash dividend at the rate of 10% (Rs. 1.00 per share) to its entitled shareholders. The payment was electronically credited on May 10, 2023, into the valid International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) of the shareholders.

The payment of interim cash dividend is a distribution of a portion of the company's earnings to its shareholders before the annual financial statements are finalized. It is a way to provide regular income to shareholders while retaining sufficient funds for the company's future growth and expansion.

The payment of dividend at the rate of 10% represents the commitment of United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited to its shareholders and its strong financial performance. The payment will provide a boost to the company's shareholders and encourage investment in the company.

Atlas Asset Management Limited Announces Daily Dividend Distribution for Atlas Liquid Fund

Karachi, Atlas Asset Management Limited (AAML) has approved the daily dividend distribution for its esteemed fund, Atlas Liquid Fund (ALF). The announcement was made by the company's investment committee, which was duly authorized by the Board of Directors.

According to the approved payout, ALF unit holders are entitled to receive a distribution of Rs. 0.2979 per unit, accounting for 0.0596% of the fund's par value. This dividend will be disbursed to the unit holders whose names appeared in the register of unit holders of the Fund at the close of the business day on May 9, 2023.

Atlas Asset Management Limited continues to prioritize the interests of its investors, the daily dividend distribution for Atlas Liquid Fund further strengthens its position as a trusted investment management company in the market. With a focus on transparency, performance, and investor satisfaction, AAML remains dedicated to creating value and long-term wealth for its clientele.

Habib Insurance Company Limited Elects New Board of Directors for a Three-Year Term

Karachi, In an Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on May 10, 2023, at Karachi, Habib Insurance Company Limited announced the election of its new Board of Directors. The elected individuals will serve a term of three years, starting from May 11, 2023.

The newly elected Directors are a diverse group of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. The Directors will play a crucial role in guiding Habib Insurance's strategic decisions and ensuring its continued growth and success.

Leading the Board is Mr. Rafiq M. Habib, a renowned figure in the insurance industry, known for his visionary leadership and business acumen. Joining him are Mr. Mansoor G. Habib, Mr. Muhammad Hyder Habib, Mr. Qumail R. Habib, Mr. Aun Mohammad A. Habib, Mr. Shahid Ghaffar, Mr. Ali Fadoo, Ms. Maleeha Humayun Bangash, and Mr. Shabbir Gulamli.

The appointment of the new Directors reflects the company's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance. Their diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge are expected to foster innovation and drive the development of cutting-edge insurance solutions for the benefit of the company's stakeholders.

EFU General Insurance Board to Hold Meeting to Discuss Non-Financial Matters

Karachi, EFU General Insurance Limited has announced that a meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2023, in Karachi. The agenda for the meeting will revolve around matters other than Financial Results.

The company has declared a "Closed Period" from May 10 to May 17, 2023. During this period, no Director, CEO, or Executive of the company will be permitted to engage in any form of share dealings, either directly or indirectly.

EFU General Insurance Limited, a prominent player in the insurance industry, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements. By adhering to the Closed Period regulations, the company aims to ensure fairness and integrity in its dealings while preventing any potential conflict of interest.