Gamer Pakistan Subsidiary K2 Gamer Announces Super Mega Pakistan Universities Esports Championship 2023-24

45-Day Event Expected to Attract Over 1,500 Student Gamers and Features 1 Million PKR Prize Pool

HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gamer Pakistan Inc. (NASDAQ: GPAK), an early-stage technology and esports company focused on game development and in-game AI community engagement, and organizing esports events in Pakistan, today announced subsidiary K2 Gamer has launched the Super Mega Pakistan Universities Esports Championship 2023-24, a groundbreaking event poised to captivate the nation’s gaming community. Set to kick off in the first week of December, this 45-day spectacle features an impressive 1 million PKR prize pool, promising intense competition among the country’s top student gamers.

K2 Gamer Pakistan is registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Gamer Pakistan Inc., the first USA based Pakistan esports company. It is dedicated to advancing esports across educational levels. Through strategic partnerships, the organization has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with over 120 universities, collaborating with its affiliate, Elite Sports Pakistan (ESP), to promote esports throughout academia.

The championship follows a meticulously designed format, spanning 16 conferences in the qualifier round, progressing through group stages, zonal qualifiers, quarterfinals, semifinals, and culminating in the grand finals. All matches will be live-streamed, with the event anticipating the enthusiastic participation of over 1500 student gamers from universities across the nation.

The Super Mega Pakistan Universities Esports Championship 2023-24 unfolds in a series of competitive stages. It all begins with 256 teams in the Qualifiers, where the top 128 advance to the Group Stages. From there, only the top 64 move on to the Quarterfinals, and then the top 32 secure a spot in the Semifinals. The final showdown narrows down to the top 16 teams, competing for supremacy in the Grand Finals. This structured format ensures an exciting and challenging journey for participants, culminating in the crowning of the ultimate esports champion.

This championship signifies a historic milestone in the esports landscape, spotlighting Pakistan’s vibrant gaming community on a national stage. The event is a testament to K2Gamer Pakistan’s commitment to fostering esports talent and providing a platform for the nation’s student gamers to showcase their skills.

“We are honored to announce that K2 Gamer’s Super Mega Pakistan Universities Esports Championship 2023-24 will begin in early December and run for a total of 45 days with a 1 million PKR prize pool,” said Muhammad Jamal Qureshi, CEO of K2 Gamer. “The size and scope of this championship is validation and recognition of the rapidly growing Esports industry and the tens of millions of Pakistani gamers, particularly at the University level. I would like to wish all of our competitors well.”

About K2 Gamer

K2GAMER is a registered entity dedicated to promoting esports growth in Pakistan. The company was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Nowsher, Pakistan. K2GAMER organizes and hosts esports events for schools, colleges, universities, and professional gamers. The company is also involved in developing and marketing esports products and services. K2 GAMER is a 90% owned subsidiary of Gamer Pakistan.

About Gamer Pakistan

Gamer Pakistan Inc. (NASDAQ: GPAK), is an esports event development and product marketing company that was founded in November 2021 to create college, inter-university and professional esports events for all genders in Pakistan. Gamer Pakistan believes it is rapidly becoming the premiere university esports partner for secondary education institutions in Pakistan. Gamer Pakistan creates the formats and events to provide a competitive environment in which to unearth and nurture budding esports talent at the collegiate level. Operations are conducted through its subsidiary, K2 Gamer (PVT) Ltd., and affiliate Elite Sports Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. For more information visit

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