AKD Investment Management Limited Board Meeting to Review Audited Financial Statements of Multiple Funds

Board Meetings

Karachi, AKD Investment Management Limited has announced that its Board of Directors will convene a crucial meeting on September 22, 2023, in Karachi. The primary agenda of this meeting is to review and approve the Audited Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2023, for a range of funds under the company's management. The funds to be considered include:

1. Golden Arrow Stock Fund

2. AKD Opportunity Fund

3. AKD Index Tracker Fund

4. AKD Aggressive Income Fund

5. AKD Cash Fund

6. AKD Islamic Stock Fund

7. AKD Islamic Income Fund

8. AKD Islamic Daily Dividend Fund (Inception date 17 Feb. 2023)

This comprehensive review of the financial statements is a significant step in ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of these funds. It provides investors and stakeholders with valuable insights into the performance and financial health of each fund, facilitating informed decision-making.

The outcome of the meeting will play a crucial role in shaping the future strategies and actions related to the funds, impacting the interests of investors and the overall investment landscape. AKD Investment Management Limited remains committed to fulfilling its regulatory obligations and maintaining transparency in its operations, underscoring its dedication to the best interests of its clients and stakeholders.