EFU General Insurance Ltd., a Substantial Shareholder, Executes Purchase of 349,865 EFU Life Assurance Limited Shares

Karachi, In a notable development, EFU General Insurance Ltd., a substantial shareholder of EFU Life Assurance Limited, has executed a significant purchase of 349,865 shares in the company. The transaction, which occurred on September 14, 2023, reflects a BUY action, with shares acquired at a rate of 190.52 per share.

The shares acquired by EFU General Insurance Ltd. are held in electronic form through the Central Depository Company (CDC). This strategic move in the stock market demonstrates EFU General Insurance Ltd.'s confidence in EFU Life Assurance Limited's prospects and its commitment to furthering its interests as a substantial shareholder.

EFU Life Assurance Limited, a prominent player in the insurance and financial services industry, continues to attract attention from both institutional and individual investors due to its strong market presence and growth potential.

This transaction by EFU General Insurance Ltd. is expected to contribute to the ongoing dynamics of EFU Life Assurance Limited's shareholder structure and may have implications for the company's overall stock performance. Market analysts and industry experts will be closely monitoring any further developments resulting from this purchase.

As EFU Life Assurance Limited and EFU General Insurance Ltd. navigate the ever-changing landscape of the insurance and financial sectors, such transactions serve as indicators of market sentiment and potential strategic shifts within these industries. This development also highlights the importance of transparency and disclosure in the world of corporate finance and stock market investments.