Engro Polymer and Sui Southern Gas Company Extend Gas Supply Agreement to Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Karachi, Engro Polymer and Chemicals Limited (EPCL) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited have reached an agreement to extend the term for the supply of gas, securing the uninterrupted operation of EPCL's captive power generation plant in Port Qasim Industrial Zone, Karachi.

Under the terms of the agreement, EPCL will continue to receive gas supply from Sui Southern Gas Company until October 15, 2023. The supply will be made on an "as and when" available basis, ensuring that EPCL can maintain its operational activities without disruption.

EPCL's captive power generation plant, located on Plot no. EZ/1P-II-I in the Port Qasim Industrial Zone, relies on a consistent supply of gas to generate power for its operations. The extension of this gas supply agreement demonstrates the commitment of both companies to support the industrial and manufacturing sectors and contribute to the economic stability of the region.

This agreement not only safeguards EPCL's operations but also underscores the importance of a reliable and steady gas supply for industries operating in the region. It is anticipated that this extension will help maintain production levels and ensure the stability of EPCL's manufacturing processes.

Both Engro Polymer and Sui Southern Gas Company expressed their satisfaction with the agreement, highlighting their shared commitment to the growth and sustainability of Pakistan's industrial landscape.

With this extension, EPCL can now proceed with confidence, knowing that its essential gas supply needs are secure, enabling it to continue contributing to the country's economic development.