HBL Growth Fund Performance Overview

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Karachi, HBL Growth Fund - (A) NC, a close-end mutual fund listed under the symbol HGFA on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, maintained a steady rate of Rs. 7.30 today, which also stands as its daily weighted average rate. The fund has a paid-up capital amounting to Rs. 2,835 million and is scheduled for its year-end in June. According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the fund declared a 12% distribution for its shareholders. The market lot size for the fund is 500 units. The previous book closure was noted on June 6, 2007. HBL Growth Fund was first listed in the year 1980. The fund's earnings per share for January to April 2024 is Rs. 9.45, while the 2022/2023 period recorded an EPS of Rs. 6.01. The highest rate for the fund during 2022/2023 was Rs. 3,782,000.