Pakistan Stock Exchange Board of Directors to Convene Meeting for Annual Accounts Review and Entitlement Declaration

Stock Exchange Announcements

Karachi, The Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited has announced that a meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled to take place on September 16, 2023. The primary agenda for this meeting is to review and consider the Annual Accounts for the period ended June 30, 2023, with the possibility of declaring any entitlement.

In light of this impending board meeting, the company has declared a Closed Period from September 10, 2023, to September 16, 2023. During this Closed Period, individuals with access to insider information or sensitive company data are prohibited from trading in the company's shares, in compliance with regulatory requirements aimed at ensuring transparency and fairness in the stock market.

The Annual Accounts review is a crucial event for investors, as it provides insights into the company's financial performance over the past year. Shareholders eagerly anticipate any entitlement declarations, which could include dividends, bonuses, or other benefits to eligible shareholders.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited remains committed to upholding transparency and accountability in its operations, and the forthcoming board meeting plays a pivotal role in fulfilling this commitment. The outcome of the meeting and any entitlement declarations will be of significant interest to shareholders and market participants alike.