XTCC launches first Shariah-compliant investment ecosystem for high-integrity Carbon Credits

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London, UAE, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XTCC, the investment ecosystem specialising in high-integrity carbon credits, has launched the first Shariah-compliant multi-currency asset class of high-integrity carbon credits.  Sourced exclusively from validated projects (including renewable energy, nature-based solutions and blue carbon), XTCC gives investors seeking Shariah-compliant investments the ability to participate in the fast-growing carbon credit market.

This powerful combination of Shariah-compliant investments and high-integrity carbon credits enables the traditional Islamic finance market for the first time to participate in the potential significant growth in value of the global carbon credit market. Through XTCC, corporates, wealth managers, banks and investment funds can invest with certainty and encourage further development towards net zero goals.

In another capital markets first, XTCC for the first time provides a stock market quoted price for the most important asset for the net zero world.

Validated and certified for Shariah compliance by Yasaar Research Limited, and using the ISDA/IIFM Master Agreement, XTCC has established a robust framework for investment products structured to meet the highest Shariah-compliant standards. The Fatwa is the first for carbon as an asset class, and for the investment products issued by Al Waseelah, a world-leading, award-winning Sukuk issuance platform, creating a streamlined, transparent solution to re-engineer trust in this important asset class.

Under the requirements of the Fatwa, XTCC not only adheres to industry standard transaction documentation (ISDA/IIFM) but only includes  in the reference basket high-integrity carbon credits which conform to  IOSCO’s 21 Good Practices and ICVCM’s Core Carbon Principles; science-based principles for identifying high-integrity carbon credits that create real, verifiable climate impact.  XTCC also reports on alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals and ISO14064 standards.

Dr Scott Levy, Founder, XTCC, said: “This is a significant breakthrough for global capital markets. We have created the first Shariah-compliant investment product to link Islamic finance directly with accelerating investor demand for high-integrity carbon credits.  In the same way that there ‘can be no compromise on Shariah compliance’, we do not compromise our ethos of operating to the highest standards of transparency and integrity with respect to all of our investment products. XTCC is the asset class for the net zero world.”

Majid Dawood, CEO of Yasaar, said: “We take pride in certifying the Shariah compliance of XTCC’s investment products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of Islamic finance. Our expertise guarantees that every investment decision upholds the ethical and financial principles necessary for true Shariah compliance, empowering investors to contribute positively to sustainable development initiatives with full confidence in their adherence to Islamic values.”

Renowned carbon market expert Kevin Iwanaga, co-founder of the UAE Carbon Alliance and CEO of KBI Advisory Group, said: “With global temperatures surpassing 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels for the first time, and a staggering $7.3 trillion in funding needed by 2050 to bridge the climate finance gap necessary to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need every solution available to address these crucial challenges. XTCC is rising to this challenge with the introduction of its new Shariah investment products, engineered to scale global capital flows in carbon markets by tapping into existing market liquidity pools and new investors. This XTCC initiative is an excellent example of the type of creative financial solutions needed to keep 1.5°C alive.”


About XTCC
XTCC is the world’s first stock market quoted investment ecosystem for high-integrity carbon credits sourced from verified, audited projects including renewable energy, nature-based solutions and blue carbon. XTCC has created financial instruments that, for the first time, establish fair market value as a reference for high-integrity carbon credits.  To bridge the multi-trillion-dollar gap in climate finance, investment is required. XTCC provides capital markets with an ecosystem of financial instruments to allow a river of liquidity to flow to communities where it is most needed. XTCC is the asset class for the net zero world.

For more details about XTCC and to explore its Shariah-compliant investment products, visit www.xtcc.investments or contact our Investor Relations team at ir@xtcc.investments.

About Al Waseelah 
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A premier Shariah advisory firm, Yasaar specialises in certifying and ensuring the compliance of financial products with Islamic law. Leveraging extensive expertise and a deep understanding of Shariah principles, Yasaar provides critical oversight and advisory services that enable investors to engage confidently in ethical and compliant investments. With a focus on integrating innovative financial solutions with traditional Islamic values, Yasaar empowers professional investors to achieve their investment objectives while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and compliance.

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