Anaqua Transforms Foreign Patent Filing into a Strategic Advantage for Intellectual Property Professionals

BOSTON, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Anaqua, the leading provider of innovation and intellectual property (IP) management technology for corporations, law firms and governments, announces advancements in its Foreign Filing offering, enhancing the capabilities of its IP management platform, AQX®. Anaqua has shifted the paradigm of foreign filing for IP professionals from a burdensome set of manual administrative tasks to a strategic and automated differentiator, powering rapid decision-making for global IP protection.

In today’s competitive landscape, global IP practitioners understand the critical importance of protecting their innovation and inventions across borders. Anaqua’s advanced Foreign Filing within AQX offers a centralized ecosystem that addresses every aspect of the foreign filing lifecycle. On the AQX platform, customers can now utilize a decision workspace supported by competitive dashboards, foreign filing-specific reports, and online quoting to develop, execute, track, and manage their foreign filings. IP professionals can access a network of expert jurisdictional associates and translation providers to further improve the filing processes with transparent pricing and visibility into the process.

“Global businesses face increasing challenges in safeguarding their intellectual assets amidst rising innovation costs and intensifying competition,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “At Anaqua, we have taken foreign filing far beyond any traditional provider. Our fully integrated solution drives clients’ efficiency and effectiveness, empowering IP professionals to navigate the complexities of global IP protection with confidence. Our clients are sharing our vision and our filing volume from the first quarter of 2024 has already surpassed our full-year filing volume for 2023.”

Through Anaqua’s enhanced Foreign Filing, IP professionals now have access to an end-to-end solution that not only streamlines the filing process, but also ensures transparency, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind.

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About Anaqua

Anaqua, Inc. is a premier provider of integrated intellectual property (IP) management technology solutions and services for corporations and law firms. Its IP management software solutions, AQX® and PATTSY WAVE®, both offer best practice workflows with big data analytics and tech-enabled services to create an intelligent environment designed to inform IP strategy, enable IP decision-making, and streamline IP operations, tailored to each segment’s need. Today, nearly half of the top 100 U.S. patent filers and global brands, as well as a growing number of law firms worldwide use Anaqua’s solutions. Over one million IP executives, attorneys, paralegals, administrators, and innovators use the platform for their IP management needs. The company’s global operations are headquartered in Boston, with offices across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia. For additional information, please visit, or on Anaqua’s LinkedIn.

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Unveiling the 8th Future Investment Initiative’s theme: “Infinite Horizons: Investing Today, Shaping Tomorrow”

FII 8th Edition Main Thematic Visual
fii8 concept theme

FII 8th Edition Main Thematic Visual

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute is excited to announce the theme for its upcoming 8th edition of the FII conference, scheduled for October 29-31, 2024, at the prestigious King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre (KAICC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Under the captivating theme ‘Infinite Horizons: investing today, shaping tomorrow’, FII8 will ignite discussions on how investment can serve as a catalyst for a prosperous and sustainable future, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for humanity.

FII8 promises to be a melting pot of innovative ideas, bringing together global leaders, entrepreneurs, political leaders, media and decision-makers in finance, AI, sustainability, energy, geoeconomics, space and beyond. By focusing on the theme of ‘Infinite Horizons’, this year’s conference will challenge attendees to think beyond conventional limits and explore investment opportunities that can bridge current challenges with future possibilities.

Richard Attias, CEO and board member of FII Institute, emphasized the significance of the theme, stating that “Infinite Horizons is not just a theme; it’s a clarion call to expand our collective vision and embrace the limitless prospects of the future. It embodies our commitment to driving conversations that lead to a future where investment knows no bounds and works towards a better tomorrow for all.”

FII8, organized by the FII Institute, founded by PIF, will adopt an innovative format as an exclusive week for FII Institute members, invited delegates, and strategic partners. Discussions at the conference will be data-driven, ensuring that insights are grounded in facts and actionable strategies.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Phone: +966 53 978 2030


The Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute is a global non-profit foundation dedicated to making an impact on humanity. Through our investment arm, we champion innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics, Education, Healthcare, and Sustainability, transforming ideas into real-world solutions.

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Citi Pharma Ltd. Shares Financial Outcomes

Karachi, Citi Pharma Ltd. reported its financial results with an EPS of Rs. 20.01 for the quarter ending March 2024. The stock’s highest trading rate was Rs. 2,284.61, while the opening rate was at Rs. 24.44. The company, which listed in 2021, declared a 25% bonus despite not distributing dividends this quarter. Citi Pharma maintains a market lot of 1 share.

First Credit & Investment Bank Ltd Reveals Q1 2024 Earnings

Karachi, First Credit & Investment Bank Ltd (Ticker: FCIBL) today disclosed its first-quarter earnings for 2024, with an EPS of Rs. 6. The bank has not announced any dividend payouts for this period.

Since its listing in 2008, First Credit & Investment Bank has shown steady growth with a paid-up capital of Rs. 650.00 million and a market lot of 500. The firm maintains its robust position in the market, with the last book closure on September 23.

Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd. Reveals Quarterly Financials

Karachi, Ferozsons Laboratories Ltd. announced its earnings for the January to March 2024 quarter, posting an EPS of Rs. 197. The stock was traded at Rs. 224.02 today, reaching a high of Rs. 434.69. The company declared a 50% dividend along with a 20% bonus, with no dividends announced for this period. Ferozsons Laboratories has been on the stock market list since 1961 and has a market lot size of 100 shares.

GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Remains Steady in Performance

Karachi, GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan, a longstanding entity in the pharmaceutical landscape, showcased an EPS of Rs. 77 for the recent quarter. Trading began at Rs. 91.34, peaking at Rs. 3,184.67. No dividends or bonuses were declared this period. GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan has been listed since 1953 and trades with a lot size of 500 shares.

Invest Capital Investment Bank Reports Financial Figures

Karachi, Invest Capital Investment Bank (ICIBL) recorded a closing rate of 1.40 RS for the current quarter, with an EPS of 1.1 RS for the year 2022/2023. Listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange since 1993, the bank has a paid-up capital of 2,848.67 million RS and reported no distributions for the year.

Agritech Limited Reports Notable Earnings Per Share Increase

Karachi, Agritech Limited (AGL), a prominent entity on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, today reported an earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 12.3 for the first quarter of 2024, as per the latest financial disclosures. This performance is noteworthy considering the company did not announce any dividends for the year.

Agritech Limited, listed in 2010, currently stands at a trading rate of Rs. 22.43 with a paid-up capital amounting to Rs. 3,924.30 million. The company has not declared any dividends for the past two years, maintaining a consistent strategy amidst fluctuating market conditions.

JS Global Capital Ltd. Announces Financial Metrics for First Quarter

Karachi, JS Global Capital Ltd. (JSGCL) reported no dividend distribution for its shareholders for the first quarter ending March 2024, according to data from the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The company's share price hovered at 155.83 rupees, with a peak of 274.77 rupees this year. Founded in 2005, JS Global has maintained a steady presence in the market, achieving an earnings per share (EPS) of 124 rupees for the January-March 2024 period.

Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd. Declares Combined Dividend

Karachi, Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd. (BERG), a key player in the coatings industry since 1974, announced a total dividend of 60% comprising 40% in cash and 20% in bonus shares. The company's financial performance for the first quarter of 2024 shows an EPS of Rs. 63.

Trading today at Rs. 74.64 with a weighted average rate of Rs. 245.52, Berger Paints continues to maintain a strong financial posture with substantial returns to its shareholders.

LSE Ventures Limited Distributes Dividends Amidst Growth

Karachi, LSE Ventures Limited (LSEVL), a newcomer listed in 2023, announced a 5% dividend for its shareholders. The company's shares were priced at 4.78 rupees, with an annual high of 1,795.98 rupees. LSE Ventures recorded an earnings per share of 3.86 rupees for the first quarter of 2024.