Askari Bank Experiences Varied Stock Performance on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, Askari Bank had a mixed day on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, with varied performances across its different stocks.

Askari Bank's main stock opened at a price of PKR 23.2 and closed slightly higher at PKR 23.63, after fluctuating between a low of PKR 23.1 and a high of PKR 23.42 throughout the trading day. A total of 868,000 shares were traded, and the closing price settled at PKR 23.17.

The bank's April futures (AKBL-APR) did not see any trading activity; hence, the opening and closing prices remained unchanged at PKR 0. However, the stock's high reached PKR 24.38, with the closing price being reported at PKR 24.14.

For March futures (AKBL-MAR), the stock opened at PKR 23.5 and experienced a slight increase, closing at PKR 23.8. The stock saw a low of PKR 23.38, equal to its high for the day, with only 2,500 shares being traded, leading to a final closing price of PKR 23.15.

Lastly, Askari Bank's May futures (AKBL-MAY) also did not witness any trading, maintaining opening and closing prices at PKR 0. The stock's high was noted at PKR 24.97, with the closing price ending at PKR 24.73.