Fauji Foods Ltd Sees Varied Closing Prices on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, Fauji Foods Ltd experienced fluctuations in its stock prices on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) today, showing distinct closing prices across its ordinary shares and futures contracts. The ordinary shares of Fauji Foods Ltd opened at PKR 9.75 and closed at PKR 9.88, reaching a high of PKR 9.77 and a low of PKR 9.69 during the trading session. A total of 3,314,171 shares were traded, with the closing price settling at PKR 9.79.

According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the futures contracts for Fauji Foods Ltd showed no trades for the July and June expiries, both opening and closing at zero with highs of PKR 10.25 and PKR 10.05, respectively. However, the May futures contract displayed some activity, opening at PKR 9.85, reaching a high of PKR 9.86, and closing at PKR 9.95. A total of 703,500 shares of this contract were traded, with the closing price recorded at PKR 9.88.