Fluctuations in Aisha Steel Mill Share Prices: A Detailed Look

Karachi, Following the trading day on February 29, 2024, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) reported variations in the stock prices of Aisha Steel Mill, a notable entity in the steel production sector.

The company's primary stock, identified by the code ASL, opened at a price of 6.87 and closed slightly higher at 7.03. Throughout the day, the stock fluctuated between a low of 6.87 and a high of 6.9, with a total of 340,162 shares traded, closing at the day's low of 6.87.

In the futures market, Aisha Steel Mill's shares showed different activities for various months. The April futures (ASL-APR) did not see any trading, opening and closing at zero, but had a high of 7.18 and were ultimately valued at 7.16 despite no shares changing hands.

The March futures (ASL-MAR) were slightly more active, opening at 7.1 and closing marginally higher at 7.11. These shares hit a low of 7 and matched the day's high, with a total of 120,000 shares traded, closing at 6.9.

The May futures (ASL-MAY), similar to the April futures, did not record any transactions, opening and closing at zero. Despite this, the shares had a notional high of 7.36 and were valued at 7.33 by the end of the trading session.