Ghani Glass Ltd Sees Varied Closing Prices on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, Ghani Glass Ltd experienced varied closing prices in its stock performance on the Pakistan Stock Exchange today. According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company's primary stock code GHGL saw a closing price of 28.41 PKR. The stock opened at 28.05 PKR and reached a high of 28.19 PKR after a low of 27.96 PKR, with a total of 722,880 shares traded.

Additionally, Ghani Glass Ltd had futures contracts closing with different values. The GHGL-JUL contract closed at 29.86 PKR after reaching a high of 29.56 PKR. The GHGL-JUN contract closed at 29.29 PKR, peaking at 29 PKR. Meanwhile, the GHGL-MAY contract, which had 5,000 shares traded, closed at 28.5 PKR after opening at 28.6 PKR and fluctuating between a low of 28.2 PKR and a high of 28.58 PKR.