Lakson Money Market Fund Announces Interim Cash Dividend of PKR 1.5586 per Unit for Period Ended June 05, 2023

Karachi, Lakson Investments Limited, the management company of Lakson Money Market Fund, has announced an interim cash dividend of PKR 1.5586 per unit for the period ended June 05, 2023. The decision was approved by the Chief Executive Officer, acting under the authority of the Board of Directors.

The dividend represents 1.5586% of the par value of PKR 100, providing investors with a lucrative return on their investment in the fund. This dividend payout reflects the strong performance of the Lakson Money Market Fund during the specified period.

The Lakson Money Market Fund is renowned for its focus on capital preservation and providing competitive returns to its investors. It aims to offer a secure and convenient investment option with an emphasis on liquidity and low risk. The fund invests primarily in money market instruments, including government securities, certificates of deposit, and high-quality short-term debt instruments.

Investors who hold units in the Lakson Money Market Fund as of the dividend record date will be eligible to receive the dividend. The dividend will be distributed to the unit holders' registered bank accounts or in the form of physical dividend warrants, depending on the chosen method of disbursement.

The announcement of this interim cash dividend highlights Lakson Investments Limited's dedication to rewarding investors for their trust and providing attractive investment opportunities in the money market sector.