Macter International Limited Board to Discuss Annual Accounts and Entitlement Declaration in Upcoming Meeting

Karachi, Macter International Limited has disclosed that its Board of Directors will convene for a crucial meeting on September 18, 2023, in Karachi. The primary agenda of this meeting is to deliberate upon the Annual Accounts for the period concluding on June 30, 2023, with a view to potentially declare entitlements for shareholders.

In compliance with regulatory requirements, Macter International Limited has initiated a "Closed Period" commencing from September 11, 2023, which will persist until the day of the Board meeting on September 18, 2023. During this Closed Period, the company's directors, officers, and other insiders will be prohibited from trading the company's securities, ensuring fair and equal access to information for all shareholders.

The forthcoming Board meeting is expected to provide valuable insights into the financial performance of Macter International Limited for the specified period and may result in the declaration of entitlements for the benefit of the company's stakeholders. This meeting marks a significant milestone in the company's ongoing commitment to transparency and responsible corporate governance. Shareholders and investors eagerly anticipate the outcomes of the meeting, which could have a direct impact on their investments in the company.