Revised Trading and Settlement Schedules Announced by PSX

Karachi, Following its recent notice, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has announced changes to the trading and settlement schedules for the Ready and Futures Markets. This revision affects dates previously notified for the month of May 2024.

According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the Ready Market’s trading calendar has undergone modifications. The settlement dates for trades executed on May 24, 2024, have been pushed from May 28 to May 29, 2024. Similarly, trades from May 27, 2024, will now settle on May 30, 2024, rather than the originally scheduled May 29, 2024.

In the Futures Market, adjustments have been made to the Deliverable Futures Contracts (DFC) for UNITY brand contracts. The UNITY-MAY contract, initially set to close on May 28, 2024, with settlement on May 30, 2024, will now close on May 29 and settle on May 31, 2024. There are no changes to the schedules for UNITY-JUNB and UNITY-JULB contracts.

These amendments aim to align PSX operations with the practical needs of market participants and ensure smooth trading and settlement processes. All involved parties are advised to update their operations and strategies accordingly.