United Bank Shares See Varied Closing Prices on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, In today's trading session on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE), United Bank Limited (UBL) experienced fluctuations in its share prices across different months, according to the market summary released at the close of the market.

United Bank's ordinary shares opened at a price of 188.3 PKR and saw a close at 193 PKR after reaching a low of the same opening price and a high of 192.23 PKR throughout the trading day. A total of 830,766 shares were traded, closing slightly below the opening at 188.28 PKR.

In addition, United Bank's April futures (UBL-APR) remained unchanged with no opening or closing trades, but peaked at a high of 200.14 PKR, indicating a potential future price of 196.16 PKR. Similarly, the March futures (UBL-MAR) also saw no trades but reached a high of 196.25 PKR, forecasting a closing price of 192.36 PKR. Furthermore, May futures (UBL-MAY) showed no opening or closing activity, yet hit a high of 204.99 PKR, suggesting a future closing price of 200.92 PKR.

Today's market activity for United Bank reflects a nuanced trading day with variations in share prices across different future contracts, indicating investor's varied expectations for the bank's performance in the coming months.