Unusual Movement in Price or Volume of Frontier Ceramics Limited

Karachi, Frontier Ceramics Limited informed Pakistan Stock Exchange that the Company might have led to decrease in price of shares of the Company nor has any unusual movement in volume of the traded shares in the recent past three month has been observed.

Frontier Ceramics Limited was incorporated in July 1982 as a Public Limited Company. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing of tiles with brand name “FORTE”. The Principle activities of the company are manufacturing of ceramic tiles, sanitary wares and related ceramic products.

The shares of the Company are 37,873,821. The Earnings per shares of the Company is 1.16 in 2020 which was (2.34) in 2019. Their profit after Taxation is 43,852,000 in 2020 which was (88,474,000) in 2019.