Waves Corp Ltd. Maintains Stability in Trading on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Karachi, The trading session on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) on February 29, 2024, highlighted the performance of Waves Corp Ltd., with the company's shares showing stability in their trading values. The summary provided for the closing market shows varied activities for different months' securities of the company.

Waves Corp Ltd.'s primary stock, coded as WAVES, opened and closed at PKR 7.1, with the stock reaching a low of PKR 6.8 and a high of PKR 6.86 during the trading session. A total of 637,500 shares were traded, and the closing price was recorded at PKR 6.99.

For future contracts, Waves Corp Ltd. had listings for April (WAVES-APR), March (WAVES-MAR), and May (WAVES-MAY), with notable activities. The April contract did not see any opening or closing price movement, with zero shares traded, but it reached a high of PKR 7.14, setting the closing price at PKR 7.28. The March contract for Waves Corp Ltd. opened and closed at PKR 7.2, with a total of 43,000 shares traded. The stock price maintained at PKR 7 throughout the session, concluding with a closing price of PKR 7.14. The May contract, similar to the April one, saw no trading activity but marked a high of PKR 7.32, leading to a closing price of PKR 7.46.

The trading day for Waves Corp Ltd. on the Pakistan Stock Exchange demonstrated a steady performance across its various stock listings, with minor fluctuations in stock prices and varying levels of trading activity across different future contracts.