Johannesburg, June 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
  • MultiChoice Group, the largest producer of original content on the African continent, is set to debut SHAKA ILEMBE, its biggest ever primetime-drama series.
  • Created by the award-winning South African Emmy and Oscar nominated team at Bomb Productions, with global star Nomzamo Mbatha taking on double billing as lead actress and Executive Producer.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed MultiChoice Group is about to debut it’s biggest ever prime-time drama series, Shaka Ilembe, an epic 12-part tale that follows the origins story of the legendary African monarch and military strategist, King Shaka. Six years in the making, the highly anticipated series boasts the talents of some of South Africa’s biggest stars, including Coming 2 America lead actress Nomzamo Mbatha.

With the epic series launching across sub-Saharan Africa on MultiChoice’s video entertainment service DStv this June, Shaka Ilembe is already attracting significant interest outside of the continent. MultiChoice Studios, the busy sales and distribution arm of the sub-Saharan business, is hard at work introducing the title to international buyers at film markets from Cannes to Los Angeles, building on a growing MultiChoice slate of original production exports including the Emmy nominated Reyka and the Deon Meyer penned Trackers.

For Nomsa Philiso, CEO of MultiChoice General Entertainment, Shaka Ilembe offers audiences worldwide the opportunity to immerse into a rich dynastic African story, set in the 1700’s.

“We are confident that this series will travel. It speaks, not only the heritage of the Zulu Nation, but to the fascination that the world has always had with King Shaka. It speaks to Africans owning the stories that their ancestors lived. And it celebrates that, long before colonialism, beyond the pages of history, there was a majestic ancient era of African Kings and Queens, warriors, healers, and leaders who lived, loved, ruled, battled, and above all, entrenched a legacy and culture that endures even today. Further, the series was filmed in isiZulu so it carries a distinct language identity, but it will be sub-titled in multiple languages so audiences from across the globe can enjoy it.”

Central to the Shaka Ilembe story is actress Nomzamo Mbatha, who balances her Executive Producer responsibilities with fulfilling a life-long ambition to play King Shaka’s beloved mother, Queen Nandi.

Speaking to her dual roles on Shaka Ilembe, Mbatha says, “This series is rich in depth, and was shot in 4K on a tremendous scale that fuels the narrative. From the fierce battlefield choreography and the meticulous accuracy of the wardrobe to the resonance of the script, it’s remarkable. And while this is a fictional story, it’s inspired by real events, people, and places. Already, ahead of our domestic launch audiences at home are very supportive because, they know like I do, that TV series like Shaka Ilembe transcends entertainment, and delivers representation, diversity, and progress.”

Mbatha leads off a top-flight ensemble cast featuring some of the country’s most charismatic leading men – Lemogang Tsipa, Senzo Radebe, Wiseman Mncube, Thembinkosi Mthembu and Mondli Makhoba alongside powerful character actresses Khabonina Qubeka, Sthandiwe Kgoroge, Dawn Thandeka King and rising star Hope Mbhele. Meanwhile, playing the boy destined to be King, is gifted young newcomer Ntando Zondi whose prodigious talent was unearthed during the filming of the series.

Filmed in South Africa, SHAKA ILEMBE features much of the country’s magnificent wildlife and scenery, including the mountains, savanna, and coastline of the lushly beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal, home to the majority of South Africa’s Zulu people. Key filming locations here included the towns of Eshowe, Nkandla Forest, Port Edward, Drakensburg, Mooi River and Zulu Falls.

Meanwhile other parts of the series were shot on a purpose-built backlot near the UNESCO World Heritage Site “The Cradle of Humankind” where Emmy and Academy nominated showrunners Bomb Productions hosted the King of the Zulu Nation, His Excellency Misuzulu kaZwelithini, during a special visit to the set for the Royal to see first-hand the level of detail and care that was employed to ensure that the authenticity of the set.

For Mauro Black, MultiChoice Studios Content, Sales, and Distributions Director, it is this credibility of intention and execution that makes SHAKA ILEMBE a powerful cultural export.

“International buyers are discerning about what they will bring their local audiences from the global TV marketplace. So, from inception, SHAKA ILEMBE was crafted to weld an immense depth of oral, written and illustrated Zulu history into the framework of a highly watchable prime-time drama. The result is a deeply meaningful but profoundly enjoyable title that should win fans in markets as diverse as Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.”

With over 8000 people contributing their skills to create Shaka Ilembe, the series has already won the support of five of South Africa’s biggest brands (Telkom, LottoStar, Grant’s Whisky, Toyota SA and Santam) who all signed on as commercial partners within days of seeing an extended preview of the series.  In addition, it’s Academy Award and BAFTA nominated Creative Director Angus Gibson and Sundance winning Executive Producer Desiree Markgraaff have drawn from the best of South Africa’s talent, including acclaimed Zulu musician Mbuso Khoza whose skill and vision drives the series soundtrack.


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Towellers Limited Announces Disclosure of Material Information and Extraordinary General Meeting

Karachi, Towellers Limited, a renowned textile company, revealed important information following its Board of Directors meeting held on June 2nd, 2023. The board made significant recommendations for the company, which include an increase in the authorized capital and the circulation of annual audited financial statements. These proposals are subject to the approval of the members.

The first recommendation involves increasing the authorized capital from PKR 250,000,000 to PKR 3,500,000,000. This alteration in the Memorandum and Article of Association requires the division of shares from 25,000,000 ordinary shares of PKR 10 each to 350,000,000 ordinary shares of PKR 10 each.

In addition, the board has approved the circulation of the company's annual audited financial statements to the members. This distribution will be facilitated through a QR-enabled code and weblink, pending the approval of the members.

To proceed with these proposals, Towellers Limited will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) where members will have the opportunity to provide their consent for the enhancement in the authorized capital and the use of QR codes for financial statement circulation. The EGM is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 23rd, 2023, in Karachi.

As a result of the upcoming EGM, the Share Transfer Books of Towellers Limited will be closed from June 17th, 2023, to June 23rd, 2023, inclusively. During this period, shareholders will not be able to transfer their shares.

Ibrahim Fibres Limited Discloses Substantial Shareholder’s Purchase of 500 Shares

Karachi, Ibrahim Fibres Limited, the purchase of shares by Ibrahim Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, a substantial shareholder. On May 29, 2023, Ibrahim Holdings acquired 500 shares at a rate of 250.00 per share. The shares were obtained through the CDC (Central Depository Company) and were marked as "Ready" in the market. This disclosure highlights the involvement of key stakeholders in the company's share transactions, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

AGP Limited Board Meeting: No Price Sensitive Information Disclosed, Market Remains Unaffected

Karachi, In a recent board meeting held by AGP Limited on June 1, 2023, in Karachi, the company has announced that no price sensitive information was disclosed, thereby ensuring no impact on the market price of AGP Limited shares.

During the meeting, the board members discussed various matters unrelated to financial results. While no specific details were provided regarding the topics discussed, AGP Limited assured stakeholders that there were no announcements made that could potentially influence the market value of the company's shares.

This disclosure comes as a relief to investors and shareholders, as it ensures the stability and transparency of AGP Limited's operations. By adhering to the principles of corporate governance, the company has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining fair and equitable trading conditions.

Bestway Cement Limited Announces Plans for Expansion and Shareholder Approvals

Karachi, Bestway Cement Limited has made significant decisions during their recent Board of Directors meeting held in Islamabad on June 1, 2023. These decisions aim to enhance the company's growth and streamline shareholder processes.

Firstly, the Board of Directors has proposed an increase in the authorized share capital of the company from Rs.7 billion to Rs.47 billion. This move, subject to shareholder approval, aims to provide Bestway Cement with greater financial flexibility and capacity to pursue future endeavors.

Secondly, the Board seeks shareholders' approval for the capitalization of the company's profits. By capitalizing these profits, Bestway Cement aims to strengthen its financial position and further invest in expansion and development projects.

In addition, the Board has decided to invest in the shares of United Bank Limited, pending shareholder approval. This strategic investment aligns with Bestway Cement's commitment to diversify its investment portfolio and explore new avenues for growth.

Furthermore, Bestway Cement intends to seek shareholder approval for the transmission of Annual Audited Financial Statements through QR enabled codes and web links. This move reflects the company's commitment to leveraging technology for seamless and convenient access to important financial information.

To discuss and obtain approval for these crucial decisions, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) has been scheduled for Thursday, June 22, 2023. During this meeting, shareholders will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and cast their votes on the proposed resolutions.

To facilitate the EGM proceedings, Bestway Cement has announced the closure of the Share Transfer Books from June 16, 2023, to June 22, 2023. This period, inclusive of both days, allows for the necessary administrative processes and ensures accurate record-keeping.

MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments Announces Daily Dividend Distribution of Re. .0474 per Unit for ALHAMRA DAILY DIVIDEND FUND (ALHDDF) on 01-JUN-23

Karachi, In a recent announcement, MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited, the management company of ALHAMRA DAILY DIVIDEND FUND (ALHDDF), has declared a daily dividend distribution for unit holders. The Chief Executive Officer, on behalf of the Board of Directors, approved a dividend payment of Re. .0474 per unit. This payout will be made to the unit holders whose names appeared in the unit holder register as of the close of business on 01-JUN-23.

Reliance Insurance Company’s Board Meeting to Discuss Non-Financial Results

Karachi, In an upcoming board meeting, Reliance Insurance Company Limited will convene to discuss matters other than financial results. Scheduled for June 3, 2023, at 12:00 PM in Karachi, the meeting aims to address important aspects beyond the company's financial performance.

To facilitate a fair and transparent decision-making process, the company has declared a "Closed Period" starting from June 2, 2023, and continuing until June 3, 2023. During this period, directors, the CEO, and executives are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of share dealings directly or indirectly.

This strategic move ensures that no individual within the organization gains an unfair advantage or manipulates the market in any way. By enforcing the Closed Period, Reliance Insurance Company Limited upholds its commitment to integrity, maintaining a level playing field for all stakeholders.

While the specific nature of the non-financial results to be discussed remains undisclosed, it highlights the company's dedication to transparency and responsible governance. The board meeting presents an opportunity for directors to address various strategic and operational matters that can impact the company's future trajectory.

Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Fulfill 9th Profit & 5th Principal Payment Obligations to Sukuk Certificate-1 Holders

Karachi, In a significant development, Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited has successfully completed its 9th Profit and 5th Principal payment to Sukuk Certificate-1 holders. The payment, which was due on June 02, 2023, marks another milestone in the company's commitment to meeting its financial obligations.

Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited has consistently prioritized fulfilling its financial responsibilities, and this recent payment demonstrates their dedication towards honoring their obligations. The successful completion of the 9th Profit and 5th Principal payment further strengthens the company's credibility and instills confidence in its investors and stakeholders.

Sukuk holders, who invested in the company's Sukuk Certificate-1, can now rejoice in receiving their rightful returns. Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited's commitment to timely payments is a testament to its stability and reliability as a business entity.

Faysal Asset Management Limited Approves Interim Distribution for Funds under Management

Karachi, Faysal Asset Management Limited (FAML) has announced the approval of an interim distribution for the year ending on June 30, 2023. The Chief Executive Officer of FAML, authorized by the Board of Directors, disclosed the interim distribution on June 1, 2023, for the funds under the management of FAML.

Under the interim distribution scheme, FAML has approved the following payouts per unit and as a percentage of the Net Asset Value (NAV) at the beginning of the year for the Faysal Islamic Cash Fund: 0.0520 rupees per unit and 0.0520% of NAV.

To be eligible for the interim distribution, unit holders must be registered as of the close of business on June 1, 2023.

Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Honors 9th Profit and 5th Principal Payment to Sukuk Certificate-1 Holders

Karachi, In a show of commitment to its investors, Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited has successfully fulfilled its obligation by making the 9th Profit and 5th Principal payment to Sukuk Certificate-1 holders on June 2, 2023.

Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited, a renowned name in the steel manufacturing sector, has consistently strived to maintain strong investor relations by fulfilling its financial commitments. The recent payment is a testament to the company's dedication and financial stability.

The timely payment has brought reassurance to the Sukuk Certificate-1 holders, who have been eagerly awaiting their 9th profit and 5th principal payments. By honoring its obligations, Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited has showcased its reliability and commitment towards its investors.

The payment process was carried out efficiently, ensuring a seamless transfer of funds to the Sukuk Certificate-1 holders. This timely fulfillment of financial obligations demonstrates the company's strong financial position and its ability to meet its commitments promptly.

Sukuk Certificate-1 holders can now rest assured, knowing that Mughal Iron and Steel Industries Limited values its investors and remains dedicated to maintaining trust and transparency in its financial dealings.

Atlas Asset Management Limited Announces Daily Dividend Distribution for June 1, 2023

Karachi, In an official statement released today, Atlas Asset Management Limited (AAML) and the investment committee of Atlas Liquid Fund (ALF) have declared the daily dividend distribution for June 1, 2023. The decision was made following authorization from the Board of Directors of AAML.

The approved payout for ALF stands at Rs. 0.3116 per unit, representing 0.0623% of the fund's par value. This dividend distribution is applicable to all unit holders whose names appeared in the register of unit holders of the Fund at the close of business on June 1, 2023.

ALF, known for its consistent returns and sound investment strategies, has been providing reliable dividend distributions to its unit holders, further enhancing its reputation as a preferred investment option. The fund's commitment to transparency and regular communication underscores its focus on fostering trust and ensuring investor satisfaction.

Unit holders of ALF can anticipate the credited dividend amounts in their respective accounts shortly, as the distribution process commences. AAML encourages all unit holders to stay updated and review their account statements accordingly.

Emco Industries Limited Amends Book Closure Dates for Shareholders

Karachi, In an unexpected move, Emco Industries Limited has announced an addendum to the book closure dates for shareholders, with the revised period now set from 24th June 2023 to 26th June 2023. This change comes after an Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) held on 26th June 2023, where the decision was made to revise the initial closure period of 19th June 2023 to 26th June 2023.

The closure of the share transfer books during this period means that no transfers or changes in ownership will be permitted for Emco Industries Limited shares. Both 24th and 26th June 2023 are inclusive in the revised book closure period, according to the reference letter issued on 19th May 2023.

This unexpected revision in the book closure dates has caught many shareholders by surprise, raising speculation about the underlying reasons for this amendment. Emco Industries Limited has not provided any specific details regarding the factors that led to this change, leaving shareholders and market observers curious about the company's motivations.

The revised book closure dates will likely impact the trading activities of shareholders who were planning to make changes to their holdings during this period. It is advisable for investors and stakeholders to make note of the updated closure dates to avoid any inconvenience.