HBL Growth Fund – A New Chapter in Investment Opportunities

Karachi, HBL Growth Fund, identified by its symbol HGFA, has maintained a steady position in the stock market with today’s rate at 7.00 RS and a daily weighted average of 7.03 RS. The fund’s paid-up capital stands at 2,835 million RS, showcasing its substantial financial base. As of June, the fund announced a significant distribution of 12% to its shareholders. According to information available from the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the market lot size for HBL Growth Fund is set at 500 shares. The previous book closure was recorded on June 7, with a high rate of 9.45 RS and a low of 6.01 RS in the January to April 2024 period. With a turnover of 3,782,000 shares, HBL Growth Fund continues to be a robust option for investors seeking growth in their portfolio.