MCB Investment Management Declares Daily Dividend for ALHAMRA DAILY DIVIDEND FUND

Karachi, MCB Investment Management Limited, the management company overseeing ALHAMRA DAILY DIVIDEND FUND (ALHDDF), has announced its daily dividend distribution.

The Chief Executive Officer, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors, has approved the following payout:


A dividend of Re. 0.0521 per unit will be paid to the unit holders whose names were listed in the unit holder register as of the closing date of September 17, 2023.

This daily dividend distribution highlights MCB Investment Management Limited's commitment to providing regular returns to unit holders and maintaining transparency in the dividend disbursement process.

Investors and unit holders of ALHAMRA DAILY DIVIDEND FUND (ALHDDF) can expect to receive their dividends promptly, in line with the company's dedication to enhancing the investment experience for its clients.

Please note that this announcement is based on the information provided by MCB Investment Management Limited and pertains to the daily dividend distribution for September 17, 2023. Unit holders and interested parties are encouraged to refer to official communications and statements from the company for precise details regarding the dividend and related matters.